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Training & Placement Cell

Training & Placement cell

Government Arts & Commerce College is running under the roof of Government of Gujarat. Government of Gujarat has started several Initiative called Saptadhara, UDISHA, Finishing School etc to develop – Good Personality, Aptitude, Career Enhancement, Internship etc. for overall performance enhancement during the interviews. Along with their regular studies, it is our moral responsibility to impart employability skill in them, so that each of them gets their livelihood. The Training and Placement Cell, Government Arts & Commerce College Kachhal is a largely student run body that shows solid dedication and commitment to excellence in every area it touches upon. Over the years, the cell and its activities have grown exponentially and consequently, so have its achievements. The Training and Placement Cell Involved not just in Placements but also in training and organizing global conglomerates, the cell today, sees innumerable achievements. With exceptional success in the academic year 2018-19, the cell secured 25 Placement Offers from recruiters. Unstopping innovation is a continuous practice in the cell and this helps us come up with novel initiatives and practices. With a team that is always on the go, the cell leaves no stone unturned to ensure that each collaboration reaps the best possible outcome. Plans for the Next Academic Year 2019-20: For the Job Seekers
  • Preparing database of final year students and asking them about their choice of sector/Location etc.
  • Identifying the strength and weakness in each interested students.
  • Arranging development and training session for enhancing their employability skill.
  • Each of the teaching staff will join in identifying the potential employer in the nearby areas.
  • Collecting data from companies regarding their requirements and vacancy in near future.
  • Inviting company to visit college and interact with students and to communicate about the skills they are looking for.
  • Inviting companies for campus placement of students.
For Entrepreneur
  • Identifying the students with entrepreneur skill and helping him/her to go further in the interested area.
  • Inviting successful entrepreneur for motivation.
  • Invite financial institution/MSME etc. for a session on “How to raise loans for start-up”
  • Helping students in start-up by providing him guidance etc.
Here, we are uploading the the Placement report of Academic year 2018-19. Training and Placement Report_2018-19

GACSC – Kachhal

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